Trace with Africa House London


Means better business, better relationships, better profitability!


“The key focus of Africa House London business is to create mutual confidence and a level playing field whereby responsible and thriving companies are Encouraged to trade and do business in a direct, ethical, fair and transparent manner”


Africa House London and TRACE are working together to boost confidence in trade between the UK and Africa. TRACE partners with over 100 law firms around the world, representing more than 150 countries.  Each firm provides valuable information and expertise in areas that include local anti-bribery laws and regulations.

To help raise compliance standards and promote transparency, AHL requires its members and partners to obtain a Trace Registered Access Code (TRAC). TRAC is an online platform based on social media principles that helps companies meet international baseline due diligence requirements. TRAC enables Africa House London’s potential members to obtain their own compliance profile, as well as screen their low to medium risk vendors, suppliers, and business partners to bring more transparency to their commercial transactions.

Benefits of going through TRACE due diligence means you will become an Africa House London official trader.  This means that due diligence has been carried out on your organisation.

  • Being an Africa House London official trader will make you easily identifiable to companies seeking trading partners in your sector, helping you to keep ahead of your competitors.
  • Being an Africa House London official trader will give businesses the confidence to do business with you.
  • Going through due diligence will assist your business to better understand critical policies and procedures which will help you identify potential areas of weakness and therefore enable you to quickly strengthen your business operationally.
  • Becoming an Africa House London official trader on the Africa House London platform will give you the kudos and recognition as a ‘good company to do business with’.
  • Becoming an Africa House London official trader will enhance your ability to forge sustainable trading relationships and as such increase your market share.
  • Becoming an Africa House London official trader is a distinct way for your company to grab the attention of potential customers and increase brand visibility, driving traffic to your company’s profile and website.

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